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Vocal Cords Cancer Treatment in Israel

Thu, 12/06/2012 - 13:48 Oncology
Cancer vocal cords

Tumors developing in the larynx are mostly malignant and have a significant effect the quality of life. Common symptoms of the disease are hoarseness, painful swallowing, earache and the development of a mass in the neck. When diagnosed at an early stage, the disease is treatable.

Sample Treatment Program:


  • Blood test (including  tumor markers)
  • Whole body PET CT scan
  • High resolution neck CT scan (to evaluate the larynx / throat area, and tumor spread)
  • Revision of existing biopsy (if applicable)
  • Oncological surgeon consultation (including laryngoscopy)
  • Repeat histopathology (optional)
  • Oncological chemotherapist consultation (if mets are diagnosed)


Depending on the results of the preliminary examination, there are three different possibilities:

  • In case of non-metastatic or benign tumor – laser excision (laryngoplasty surgery)
  • In case of localized tumors, without metastasis - laryngectomy
  • In case of metastatic cancer – chemotherapy

Cost of vocal cords treatment in Israel may thus vary significantly, depending on the diagnosis and type of intervention required. It should, however, be noted, that price quoted will include the cost of intraoperative frozen biopsies as well as postoperative biopsy and hospitalization.

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